Things To Consider When Chartering A Private Jet

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Long security lines, delayed flights and bad customer service can really take the pleasure out of traveling. If your time is gold, commercial flights can sometimes cost you as time and convenience aside from money determine the quality of your travel experience. If ignored altogether, calling it uncomfortable is understating it. Tempers can flare, relationships suffer, and morale can go down. If only air charter services could be personalized to suit your needs, you could come and go as you please.


Chartering a private jet can be very expensive and its services may depend on the availability of its fleet and what you can afford.  Little details like security and comfort, the safety of the aircraft, and the experience of its staff can all add up to the company’s track record  of assuring you the quality of your  flight experience.


If only corporate jet charters could be tailored to your needs, can you just imagine what it can do for your business? You can practically reduce travel time, mix business with pleasure, and hold meetings while in mid flight. You don’t have to schedule another meeting with your clients. You can enjoy the safe, quiet and relaxing atmosphere, not unlike the amenities of your office, coupled with great customer service. You can land closer to your destination, finish important business and have more time in your hands.


In 2001, Debbie Marcelino had had enough. After working for 25 years in the aviation business, she felt she could better provide corporate clients with their aviation needs and started what is now Corporate Charters LLC., a world class company dedicated to offering charter jet services. The company works with the most demanding and diverse of travel itineraries to provide solutions to different needs by working to maximize the client’s time and resources.  This ensures that the flying experience is safe and comfortable for the client.


How does Corporate Charter‘s vision of customer care translate for the client?


When you fly Corporate Charters LLC., you can cut your travel time due to punctual service carried with an eye for detail tailored around your particular need and request. The quiet and private relaxing atmosphere on board can let you work in peace without the stress and noise of most commercial class travel. You leave and arrive in style, land closer to your desired destination for a cost your competitors are probably paying twice as much. The state of the art aircrafts manned by competent staff with over 60 years of travel experience ensures your safety and security while traveling. It’s a better alternative to owning a jet that requires thousands of dollars just to maintain.


If your time is valuable, say goodbye to pesky delays and stressful travel. Get a quote and book a flight at Corporate Charters LLC today, the best jet charter on the market today.

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Things To Consider When Chartering A Private Jet

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Things To Consider When Chartering A Private Jet

This article was published on 2013/02/08