Why to choose a private air charter?

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If security, convenience and confidentiality are important to your business or personal lifestyle, private air travel offers many advantages.

While others are dealing with the intrusion and chaos of security lines and awaiting commercial flights that may or may not depart as scheduled, Sterling Aviation clients are relaxing in the comfortable reception area and are preparing for an on-time departure in one of the impeccably maintained business jets or turboprop aircraft. It's a level of luxury and peace of mind that no commercial airline can approach.

Here is a list of the “Top Ten Benefits of Flying Private Jets,” as adapted from a luxury travel guide:

  • More Destinations - Private aviation offers access to 10 times as many airports as commercial due to its small size and the less space requirements for landing and takeoff – 5,000 compared with 500.
  • Private Aviation Facilities - Un - crowded, clean and full of amenities to make business or personal travel more enjoyable. The parking is just out of the door, or even inside.
  • Scheduling Flexibility - Ready to go on short notice on your timetable, and if you’re running late, the plane waits for you.
  • Avoiding Commercial Airport Hassles and Stress - No long security lines, endless corridors or waiting to board.
  • Time Savings - No connection delays or layovers. Day trips and being home for dinner with your family and become the norm for business. For personal travel, getting there becomes the easy part.
  • In-Flight Productivity - Your entire business team travels together and on your schedule. You arrive fresh, prepared and at peak effectiveness.
  • Business Entertaining - Make a great impression on customers and prospects – one that they’ll never forget. All corporate clients boast of a “90% close rate” when a private plane is utilized.
  • Baggage Handling - No more lost luggage or damaged equipment.
  • Security and Confidentiality - You control who rides with you and you develop a personal relationship with the flight crew and support staff.
  • Unmatched Service and Comfort - An on-call concierge, your exact choice of food and beverage, in-flight movies or reading materials that you select, your car waiting and ready upon arrival and more.

There can be several more reasons why corporate honchos now prefer private charter air service for their travel to different destinations across the world. There is one more benefit that is not described above is that most of the charter services providers also provides the medical air evacuation services in case of medical emergencies.

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Author recommends to hire a private jet for comfortable and hassle free travel experience.

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Why to choose a private air charter?

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This article was published on 2012/03/27